Addressing Frustrations in Learning

I am the mother of a funny, creative, girl who loves to know things and thrives on doing well. Starting in 1st grade, as much as she loved school and learning, I could see there was a struggle with reading. Although we are fortunate to be in a great school district and were in an elementary full of caring and talented teachers and were provided with additional support, the tools she was being given by the school were not getting to the root of the problem. The repetition and “just read more” approach only helped to create more tears and made her more aware of how hard reading was for her. When math became a combination of reading and mathematics with the introduction of word problems, what was once my daughter's favorite subject, became a major source of frustration and she started to dislike math, too. This is when I sought help from Juliann Ash and META.

Juliann was amazing. She understood that my daughter’s problem was not the result of her not trying hard enough and simply making her try harder with the same set of tools that weren’t working, wasn’t going to help her. Juliann worked with us to get additional testing so we could identify the source of the problem in order to provide my daughter with the right tools to become a better reader. She developed an action plan, coached us on how to interact and communicate with the school, matched our daughter with an amazing educational therapist at META, Donna Smith, and was ready to advocate for my daughter if needed. The confidence and the skills META gave my daughter changed everything. The passion and compassion of everyone I met and worked with at META are admirable and the children who have the opportunity to work with them are so fortunate. I have recommended META to many people over the years and will continue to do so in hopes that many more children will benefit from what META has to offer.

My daughter is in the 7th grade this year. She adjusted to middle school brilliantly and although the school year is just a couple of months in, her grades range from B+ to A+. She is organized, starts and completes homework on her own, and although reading is still not her favorite thing, it doesn’t slow her down and doesn’t cause tears. I seriously do not know where we would be today if we had not had META.

With an abundance of gratitude,

- Sherri N.

A Wholesome Approach…

I have used Julieann and her team at Midwest Educational therapists for a little over 4 years. Midwest Educational Therapists not only care about your student’s success in the classroom but what happens outside the classroom as well. They use a wholesome approach to academics to make sure the child’s success is not just for now but it’s for years to come. I personally had been on academic probation in college when coming to Midwest Educational therapists and now four years later I graduated college with a B+ average and I’m attending graduate school at Rutgers University.

Love the team here and there are not enough words to describe how much they have done for me.

- Mariel M

Wholeheartedly Endorse

Julieann Ash has kept more kids in school than any lawsuit that has ever been filed. Her wholistic approach to learning is exactly what our son needed, not only to survive but to thrive in school. Our son worked with this group from kindergarten through high school graduation. Without Julieann and her group, the success that our son has today would not have been achieved. We wholeheartedly endorse Midwest Educational Therapists & Associates.

- Glenna A.

A godsend for our family…

Julieann Ash and the educational therapists at META came highly recommended to me, and I am so grateful. Working with META has been a godsend for our family.

Prior to coming to META, as the parent of two children with learning differences, I was at the whim of the school district when it came to finding ways to help my children succeed. My oldest was completely underserved in middle school and I was very frustrated. My youngest struggled with math and language arts and while some progress was being made, traditional intervention fell short. Julieann's thorough assessments opened our eyes to the children's learning styles and working with trained educational therapists brought much needed support. The strategies taught by the educational therapists helped both my children to thrive in middle school and high school and continues to support their learning now that one is in college and the other has moved up to high school.

Beyond providing learning strategies that have helped both my children succeed, the educational therapists, or Julieann herself, have supported us by attending IEP meetings with me. This has resulted in IEPs with goals that support my kids' specific learning needs and accommodations that assist them in being successful students. Having an advocate that can speak to your child's educators in their language is priceless!

Without the support of META, I am certain that my children's school experiences would have been far less successful and my level of parental stress and frustration far greater. I highly recommended the services of Julieann Ash and the educational therapists of META.

  • Siobhan W.